Visit to Sequim

Hi!  This post is by Becky, I’m one of the farm interns this year.

Last week we got to take a break from weeding vegetables here on the farm and took a trip to Sequim to visit John Erskine, Betsey’s horse mentor.  He has been working with draft horses for a long time and has been training Betsey’s two young fillies.  It was pouring down rain the day we were there but we had a great time cleaning harness, learning about horsedrawn farm equipment, trimming the horses’ feet, and finally, each getting a turn to drive a team of two horses!

When we were in Sequim we also visited the Dungeness Valley Creamery and got some delicious raw Jersey milk from this family-owned dairy.

Now we are back at Laughing Crow Farm, trying to figure out what we can get done in this rainy June weather!

Renee visiting with a pair of horses

John showing us some implements

John showing us some implements

Betsey driving the hay wagon!

All of us on the wagon

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