Scapes are in!

The garlic scapes are coming on strong in the garlic patch right now!  Scapes are the stem-like flower stalk of the garlic plant, and they are delicious raw or cooked.  Chop them up raw for a salad topper or sautee them in olive oil until they brown slightly and serve over pasta.

Or if you’re feeling more creative, try this Garlic Scape Pesto recipe!

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2 Responses to Scapes are in!

  1. Hitchcock says:

    I used the recipe today, which worked well. Powerful stuff! The scapes I used were way spicier than the kind I had used before. Do you know what makes some have more zip?

    • betsey wittick says:

      Hum, I’m trying to remember what garlic variety I harvested them from – I have lots of spicy kinds. If they are too spicy, just give them a quick blance and they will mellow. Thanks much for using locally grown garlic etc!!!! Betsey

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